Since 30 years Forza Giovane is Evolutive Creativity. working in the field of the clothing and textile with a strong propension for the research and production of embroiders, trimmings, decorations and plastron for a lot of great brands of the high fashion.

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Place of business:
Via del Progresso, 58 Calcinelli – 61036 Colli al Metauro (Pesaro-Urbino)
Tel. +39 0721894032 +39 0721879322 +39 0721895300
Fax +39 0721894688
E-mail ricami@forzagiovane.it
PEC: forzagiovaneart@pec.forzagiovane.it

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Place of business:
Via Marelli 28 – 28060 S.Pietro Mosezzo (Novara)
Tel e fax +39 0321626791
E-mail: info@passamani.it

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Our company is unique in its style and owns more than 1200 different machines (from the traditional one to the most sophisticated) and more than 2500mq of buildings. The machines are used by 60 high-qualified collaborators that are able to realize works that can satisfy any request.

Thanks to the huge amount of machines from Forza Giovane and Passamani we are by now the only ones in Europe that are able to realize new and unique decorations in short times. In fact, all the working process is done inside our two companies and we guarantee a true 100% MADE IN ITALY!

We also propose, for any season, a renewed and wide range of samples to choose from, with a unique handsmanscraft that guarantee to the client a precious final product.

Inside Forza Giovane, during the 30 years of activity and with the 100 years of experience of Passamani Novara, we have recollected an extraordinary archive of stitches, decorations, trimmings (even vintage ones) that let the client to develop and create new ideas for the collection.

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During the June of 2012, Forza Giovane owned the historical company “Passamani” from Novara that produces trims, jacquard and weavings with 50 ancient machines made in wood and 30 manual machines.
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Vitalini Piergiovanni & Company have created this company and they follow its production, building the basements of a great structure and being the reference figures for all the workers in order to have a rigorous control on the whole production line.
Passion and creativity: those are the characteristics that the whole staff that works in the company owns and that allow to realize new creations and to guarantee an impeccable control of the quality and of the delivery times.

Thanks to a lot of special and ornamental machines we can develop new works and technologies in order to personalize the clothes.

The goal reached is the creation of an impeccable production cycle thanks to all the specialized collaborators that create decorations for any kind of yarn and cloth for woman, man and child and can work on silk, viscose, ribbons, transparent and many more.

We have also develop a laboratory for the research of new stitches and decorations on new and innovative materials and this allowed us to collaborate with the style offices of a lot of important clients and realize many exclusive ideas.

The jewels of our production are the ornamental and decorative stitches and handmade embroideries.
A lot of them are absolutely an exclusive of the company and are different from the other products that you can find in commerce because they are made with machines modified by our own workshop.
For those reasons our range of products is always in develop thanks to our continuous research.

The assurance of fast delivery, the respect of an optimal quality standard allowed us to collaborate with some of the most famous international and national brands and with great stylist from Italy, France, England, USA etc.



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